The ‘About’ page of my website

Why did I change the ABOUT page of my website? Because I have the urge to be authentic, live true to myself and start BELIEVING in me!


About: Inside Inspiration 2U

I could start off with the usual spiel of how Inside Inspiration 2u has been servicing the Adelaide metropolitan and surrounds, offering advice and solutions to residential and commercial clientele with Interior Decorating and Professional Organising services since 2005 etc etc etc….BUT….I would rather tell you about me.

I am a truly passionate person, I love nothing more than helping others feel happy, content and alive!

I started off my career as a Baker/Pastry Chef and ended up designing and making wedding and specialty cakes for about 12 years, but this creative outlet was no longer fulfilling me. I was spending my life savings renovating my own houses to make changes and express my creative side, so I decided to study Interior Decorating part time for 5 years whilst I was raising my 4 children and thought this would be a smarter idea as I could make money this way.

I took the leap of faith and opened my business in 2005 whilst working part time at Solver Paints providing Colour Consulting services and working in the shop. I loved mixing paints and seeing how the paints with different tints. When we were quiet would get the mis-tinted paint cans and add different tints to make them into more saleable colours! I have a true passion and eye for colour and still to this day LOVE Colour Consulting!!

After about 7 years of providing Interior Decorating and Colour Consulting services, in about 2012 the urge in me to help others was gaining momentum, so I decided to branch out into the field of “Organising” Yes I was helping people make their house a home with what I was already doing, but what about making their home a sanctuary?

In the busyness of life raising 4 children, running a business and working part time I knew all too well how overwhelming things can be when living in a house of 6 people and I felt like I was always yelling and nagging and overwhelmed at trying to “control” my own home and life to keep some sort of order.

I wanted to help other people find some ‘Peace and Calm’ in their lives and living in a home where ‘everything’ has its own place can help immensely with this outcome. Combining the Organising into my current Interior Decorating Services fulfilled me for about 8 more years.

in 2018 I upended my own life and set out to work on myself as a person, all the children had now finished school, I left my relationship and set out on a venture of my own….to find ME! I had my first child at 19 and I was now 44 years old, left wondering who I was after spending my life looking after others and never realising my true passion and purpose in life.

I knew how important it was for me to help people live their life in their own home in a beautiful environment and in an organised manner and this is why I spent the last 14 years trying to build a business around this.

But what I realised was that building a beautiful and peaceful internal environment inside ourselves was more important, and I could spend my life helping people work on the outside (house) but without working on the inside (soul) we cannot achieve our greatest potential!

So in 2020 I thought to myself….this is my passion!

A holistic approach to life!!!  Inner & Outer the whole shebang! Why can’t I offer this! Who sets the limits? ME…..

This is where the next venture took me… my “Women’s Circle” idea. We all need a safe space, we all have stresses, we are all hiding our truest pain from the world and what could be more rewarding than to be able to offer that “safe space” for women to gather and unite in truth and honesty, from a vulnerable place inside ourselves into a place full of love and support, where we could all start to BELIEVE in ourselves! No Judgement or criticism, just support and encouragement to be ourselves!

Being an Interior Decorator, I was creative and I always needed to be doing creative things, I always had the dream of making an “I Dream of Jeannie” room (TV Sitcom from my childhood!) It wasn’t really ever possible when I had young kids as I only had a 5 bedroom home and not 6, then as I got older and the kids started to move on, I wanted less to clean and less to manage and to live a more minimalist lifestyle – then it came to me!

This is where my ‘Painted Tent’ idea arose, I can paint a circular tent into a Genie Bottle and all who enter can bring their dreams to life! This is where I really had to take the leap of faith in myself to BELIEVE I had the skills to pull off such a dream! The idea of holding “Women’s Circles” is still in the dream phase and I have been making VLOGS on YouTube of my journey to date and are posted in my blog below.

Dreams are made by ourselves and my holistic approach to life and helping others in a holistic way are soon to come true. I am also planning on studying Feng Shui and hoping to be able to offer this to my services at the end of 2021.

Currently offering – Colour Consulting

Currently offering – Interior Decorating

Currently offering – Professional Organising

Soon to offer in 2020 – Women’s Circles (currently not on website) view Face Book page

2022 – ADHD Coaching

Now back to the average Spiel!

Most of us do not spend the desired amount of time we would like in our homes these days, Therefore it is more important than ever for your home to be an environment in which you can relax, enjoy and unwind from the everyday stresses. It should reflect who you are and how you want to feel in your own private space.

We combine your taste with our creative flair, identifying what a home means to you.
Talk to us about creating the ideal environment for you and your family through the application of colour, finishes, furnishing and textiles, to create your own unique harmonious interior.

Colour creates mood and evokes emotion and it is not always easy to decide on a colour scheme. Whether you’re starting from scratch or working with existing features and fixtures, get the advice to do things right, the first time!

You take your car to the mechanic for repairs and trust your doctor for healthcare, so why not use a professional to update your home?

Don’t make expensive mistakes, get the advice to do things right, with a little Interior Decorating insight!

We all know disorganisation leads to a feeling of disharmony and being overwhelmed, we can assist clients and their families with organisational services, providing clever storage solutions and ideas to create harmony in your home that you’ve been searching for.