Organising Services: Adelaide

Do you want to feel more relaxed, happy and content when you are at home? Do you feel as though you don’t understand why you feel so overwhelmed when you are in your own sanctuary?

A cluttered space leaves you with a cluttered mind, in some cases the visual look of your home may seem clean and tidy but its whats lurking behind those cupboards that is what is causing the problem, it’s not really a matter of “out of sight, out of mind”


Its actually easier on the whole family if EVERYONE knows where EVERYTHING lives and knows where to put it back.

We understand how busy life gets, whether you have young children, teenagers, or even nearing retirement, somehow the busyness of life takes over and before you know it you’re feeling ‘out of control’ left wondering where to start and how this even happened, please be assured, you are not alone!

When we come to your home or office, we try to understand who you are and how your space currently functions, we will develop a strategy to first clear some space, then implement new systematic processes and storage options so you will always be able to find what you are looking for!



Common obstacles

Where do I begin?
Tackle a small task first, your individual situation will dictate how big or small the job you are about to take on should be and the time or space you have to complete it. What you don’t want, is to be left with a larger mess than you started with due to taking on more than you can manage.

What if I throw out something I need in the future?
Fears of discarding items that may be required in the future is a thought had by all, the challenge is to make decisions based on your current situation by deciding whether living in an organised manner, where your home is not overloaded with possessions that are rarely ever used or needed, is more important than keeping everything you ‘don’t use’ for a rainy day. Accept up front that there will be something you will look back on one day and wish you hadn’t discarded.

How do I get my family to support my goal?
Many clients feel they are alone in wanting to organise their home and express their family are not supportive of their mission. It is important we take into consideration all members living in the home and implement simple and achievable goals for all ages and abilities.

Our organising service is for people who:

  • do not have time in their busy lives
  • cannot create their own system
  • are not interested in organising but want to be organised
  • procrastinate over disposing of ‘things’

We HELP sort your ‘things’ into:

  • allocated areas
  • boxes and individual spaces
  • label boxes/shelves

We can organise:

  • offices/filing drawers/paperwork
  • wardrobes/shoes/linen
  • kitchens/pantries
  • collections/displays/collectables
  • lounge/dining/bedrooms
  • electronic files/Photos

Hoarding Disorder Advice

Hoarding Disorder is very different than an individual who owns too many possessions for the size of their home.

It is important for family and friends to understand that being surrounded by possessions usually makes the individual feel safe and to never enter a home and discard of your loved one’s possessions without seeking the help of a professional (Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Psychotherapist) or at least the services of someone who has an understanding of the impact these type of actions can have (you may feel like you have achieved what ‘you want’ by discarding of items to make space, but this can lead to many more problems in the future)

The first and foremost objective of anyone working with an individual with a hoarding disorder is to build rapport with them, hoarding is a complex disorder and not simple to understand, there are usually always underlying emotional issues contributing to and resulting in their present living conditions, every person is different and has their own unique causes.

To enable someone to understand their individual situation, they need to be willing to open up and feel assured there is no judgement cast. Barriers need to be identified and established to achieve the outcome they wish to achieve.

The client needs to be able to trust me and know someone is there to assist them in overcoming their obstacles and not to just throw out their possessions and clean up their mess.

The objective is to alleviate the pressure on them to change, but to encourage them to try opening up to living a new way of life and feel for themselves the positive effects this can induce if given a chance, usually alongside therapy.

I will personally work with individuals with a hoarding disorder but only after I have established the situation and the clients mindset towards their living situation. Please remember: “You can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink”


  • It is so good to live in a place where everything has its own place to live. So everything is easy to find, and to return to its designated spot. Order prevails.

    Sarah is an expert at knowing how to provide a special place for everything. She works with you to see which way would suit your needs best, and then it is done. For the first time I know where to find my stuff, and I have spare space in my cupboards and drawers.

    All we did was remove what wasn’t needed, and find a special container for everything I wanted to continue using.

    Sarah is magic. I would recommend her to anybody who, like me, needs help in setting up a household system of organisation.

  • Dear Sarah, Thankyou for helping me get my life back on track!

    When you came to my home, I realised I had packed away so much I could not let go of and it was depressing me because I could not bring myself to do anything with these ‘things’ that I really had not looked at in years, to make space for what I did need.

    When I employed your services and had the pleasure of you coming into my home and helping me, I realised you really were a god send!
    I found you to be polite, honest, and respectful in my home, both towards myself, my partner and also towards my belongings. You also helped by suggesting great organising ideas for future use to which I am extremely appreciative for.

    Thank you Sarah from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my home. I feel like I have a new lease on life without the constant pressure of living in an unorganised mess. –Tanya