Colour Consulting

Are you wanting to make your house feel more like a home? Feeling overwhelmed at how to bring “you” into your home whilst combining all the colours of the permanent fixtures existing in your house already? Are you building or renovating? Contact me….Sarah! Adelaide’s leading Colour Specialists with over 14yrs experience, I will work with you to bring your home to life. Interior and Exterior Colour Consulting Services available.
$180ph – average consultation 1-1.5hrs 
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Interior Decorating

Inside Inspiration 2U specialise in all Interior Decorating Services including:
Curtains & Blinds, Carpet & Flooring, Kitchen & Bathroom, Upholstery & Furniture Selections, Pre-Sale Advice, Interior and Exterior Colour Selections.
Residential and Commercial
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Organising Service

My goal is to help others to live an organised life, this helps relax the mind and body and therefore the soul!
Are you wanting a clearer mind and more time?  Home & Office, Downsizing or Relocating, Residential & Commercial services.
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  • It is so good to live in a place where everything has its own place to live. So everything is easy to find, and to return to its designated spot. Order prevails.

    Sarah is an expert at knowing how to provide a special place for everything. She works with you to see which way would suit your needs best, and then it is done. For the first time I know where to find my stuff, and I have spare space in my cupboards and drawers.

    All we did was remove what wasn’t needed, and find a special container for everything I wanted to continue using.

    Sarah is magic. I would recommend her to anybody who, like me, needs help in setting up a household system of organisation.

  • As you know Sarah, we have had much difficulty and disharmony in choosing external colours for our beach houses. Everyone had different ideas and we just could not make a decision. We needed the five houses to blend but make a statement. We definitely needed a colourist to assist us in decision making.

    In February 2016, we employed you to have a chat with all Unit Holders of the Middleton property to finalize the decision and move forward.

    We were extremely happy with your approach, professionalism, choice of colours, prompt reply with colour charts and written report.

    On behalf of the Unit Holders at The Water’s Edge, I would like to thank you for a job well done.
    –Sue Barber

  • We were very pleased with service Inside Inspiration 2u provided. Every one of our friends who has been to our home since we redecorated has commented on what a “marvelous” colour scheme. It was money well spent.

    When you have no experience and have no idea where to start, and you’re not even sure what the out come will be, it’s an uneasy feeling. Sarah took all the “uneasiness” out of the experience. We would recommend Inside Inspiration 2U.
    –Graham and Deidre Gilbert

  • I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to picking colours and getting a feel for what looks good/balanced in the home. Sarah came to our home, picked a colour scheme and made some wonderful recommendations.
    I would recommend Sarah to anyone who needs that extra eye for detail and a professional opinion on colour.
    –Cheryl Borg

  • Dear Sarah, Thankyou for helping me get my life back on track!

    When you came to my home, I realised I had packed away so much I could not let go of and it was depressing me because I could not bring myself to do anything with these ‘things’ that I really had not looked at in years, to make space for what I did need.

    When I employed your services and had the pleasure of you coming into my home and helping me, I realised you really were a god send!
    I found you to be polite, honest, and respectful in my home, both towards myself, my partner and also towards my belongings. You also helped by suggesting great organising ideas for future use to which I am extremely appreciative for.

    Thank you Sarah from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my home. I feel like I have a new lease on life without the constant pressure of living in an unorganised mess.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for recommending such a tranquil and harmonious colour scheme which blended sympathetically with our existing furnishings and retained the warmth and heritage feel of our home. The colour flows so nicely throughout and lets the features speak for themselves without shouting at you when you walk into the room. When we come to the next lot of renovations, we’ll definitely ask for your advice as a great investment in time, money and overall result.
    –Michelle and David Forrest – Fullarton